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More than 26000 records were entered into SRIS by LOD

In the period 2015 January – 2017 April the LOD was implementing project “Data on protected species – for their protection” NO. EEE-LT03-AM-01-K-01-002, supported by the EEA grants, when thousands of records were entered into the Information System of Protected Species (SRIS), which is created and supervised by the Ministry of Environment. The main aim of the project was to collect all available, including historical, data about the exact sites of protected species all over the country from numerous researchers and to enter the data into the Information System of Protected Species (SRIS) thus to increase the level of the biodiversity protection in Lithuania.

During the 1st stage of the project implementation (2015-2016) 16023 records about habitats of hundreds of protected species were entered into the SRIS and the targets, set at the beginning of the projects were exceeded by 30%. During the prolongation of the project activities (2016-2017) the target of 9500 records was set. As a result 26000 records were entered and verified in the system. 20 members of the LOD participated in the implementation of the project – they provided previously collected data as well as implemented other project activities.

Data to the SRIS can be submitted by all citizens of Lithuania (starting from 18 years) and the system is easy to use. At the beginning verification of the person is performed. Afterwards the data entering is performed following the instructions. Afterwards the submitted data are verified and confirmed. In case of shortcomings, the verifier can ask to provide additional information. Information about the status of the record is provided by e-mail.

The LOD is recommending to provide data about those bird species, which habitats is important to protect. Particularly are important habitats/sites of the Red Data Book species or species, included in the Annex I of the Birds Directive and habitats of animals/plants/fungus from the Annex II of the Habitats Directive. It must be underlined, that SRIS is the only source of information while protecting birds of prey in the forest habitats, therefore is of crucial importance to submit all the data to the SRIS and thus to contribute to the protection of the forest species.

The SRIS, supervised by the Ministry of Environment, is an official database on the protected species in Lithuania. Collected data are used while preparing various planning documents – nature management plan, special plans etc.  and issuing permissions for economic activities. Using this tool, all members of the society can contribute to the protection of Lithuanian natural heritage. 

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Cinclus cinclus
Strix uralensis
Emberiza calandra
Corvus corone LOFK
Phylloscopus collybita tristis
Anthus petrosus
Linaria flavirostris
Melanitta nigra
Clangula hyemalis
Milvus milvus